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  • Planned Giving

    Members and friends are encouraged to support the work of First Church through memorials, designated gifts, bequests and endowments. Planned Giving committee members serve as facilitators by explaining the various gift options, monitoring the acceptability of proposed gifts and directing prospective donors to legal and financial counselors of their own choosing. If you need more information, including assistance with estate planning, your will or trust, we will help. All personal information will be kept confidential and you may cange it at any time that your circumstances change.

    The lifetime you spend in service and stewardship is not complete without that final pledge from your estate. There is a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that you have allocated a portion of what God has given you to the continuation of his work. This meaningful act sends a clear message to surviving family and friends about your priorities and values.

    Twelve Ways to Support First Presbyterian Church

    You can change lives… choose gifts that help us and your family the most. People who support us say it's one of the most satisfying experiences of their lives and they would like to do more. Here are some ways to support us that you might not have considered. Please feel free to call us to discuss them in greater detail. 
    • Cash
    • Securities
    • Bequests
    • Life insurance
    • Endowments
    • Memorials

    Gifts that give back to you
    • Charitable remainder trust (CRT)
    • Charitable lead trust

    Other tax-smart gift ideas
    • Bank accounts and CDs
    • Savings bonds
    • Retirement plan or IRA assets
    • Real estate

    First Tartan Society

    First Tartan Society was established to honor those members and friends who choose to support the work of First Church through bequests, memorials, endowments or designated planned gifts.

    The society helps us to remember our Scottish heritage in ways similar to the "Kirkin' o' the Tartan" ceremonies. Both are visual expressions of our faith, created to remind us of our founders' love and sacrifices for our beloved church.

    Giving reflects life experiences, linking our past with our future and putting our beliefs into action. Like the many people whose gifts of time and talent created the Presbyterian faith to last for generations to come, First Church will remain strong with the legacy created by those who have included our church in their estate plans.

    To learn more about the First Tartan Society download our brochure here.