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    The Shaping of Your Soul

    A ministry of the Spiritual Development Center of First Presbyterian Church
    In an over-noisy world, we need to hear the voice of God. In an over-busy world, we need to know the desires of our own hearts. In an over-stressed world, we need to rest. Into our hurried lives comes the voice of Jesus who says ‘Come away to a quiet place and rest’
    (Mark 6:31).

    What is shaping your soul these days? Overloaded with stimulation and information, we can lose touch with our highest priorities and our deepest needs. In an age of shallow connections, we need to know God deeply.

    Resources for soul care are offered

    Spiritual Direction
    When you meet with a spiritual director, you are doing a “wellness check.” Spiritual direction is not professional counseling or crisis management. It is an opportunity to sit with someone who will take your life seriously, listen with you for how God is with you, where He is calling you, and how you might grow more deeply. A spiritual director prays with and for you, listens to you and with you, and may provide resources such as scripture passages or books for you to consider. Some folks meet with a spiritual director only once; others choose regular meetings, every four or six weeks. 

    A Day Away
    A Day Away allows a few hours on a particular day to gather for a directed prayer retreat. Time is carved out for scripture, silence, solitude, prayer, journaling, teaching, and conversation. We share lunch together.


    Both Dr. Al Barrow and Rev. June Barrow serve as spiritual directors and will gladly answer your questions about how the ministry of Spiritual Formation may help you deepen and grow spiritually.