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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to help individuals and families, no matter their background, meet the challenges they face in a complex world, to strengthen their relationships with one another and with God, and to offer opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

    Our Location

    The Center is located directly across the street from the main church campus.
    9696 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 207
    2nd Floor, down the hall on the left
    Our direct number: 239-221-8250

    SDC Fall Schedule



    Why We Exist

    People long for lives filled with purpose, value, and peace. For each of us, there are seasons of life when we know that our deepest needs are spiritual and we want to pray, learn and grow. In times of difficulty, we need wisdom and support. Despite efforts, relationships break down. Deep distresses like divorce, abuse, loneliness, anxiety and depression weigh heavily and even ordinary life transitions are stressful. The Spiritual Development Center is committed to providing counsel and spiritual care that assists each person to ultimately be restored in their relationship to God and each other and in doing so, come to recognize their true identity as a loved child of God.

    What We Offer

    We offer compassionate and confidential counseling, spiritual direction, retreats, classes and support groups. Central to this work is our focus on Biblical truth, counseling excellence, thoughtful teaching, and personal respect.
    Biblical Counseling – to learn more click here.
    Spiritual Formation – to learn more click here.

    Who We Are

    Maria Karl
    Certified Biblical Counselor
    Certified as a Biblical Counselor with the International Association of Biblical Counselors, Maria compassionately applies Biblical teaching and uses homework to open up the wisdom and truth that God offers in His Word. She works with all ages, dealing with a variety of life problems and issues. Contact her at mkarl@fpcbonita.org or by calling the Center at 239-221-8250, ext 224.

    June G. Barrow, M.A., M.Div.
    Assistant Pastor at First Church
    Certified as both a Spiritual Director and a Marriage Coach, Pastor June offers spiritual guidance and pastoral care to individuals and couples. She leads support groups and retreats. She and her husband Al teach classes related to spiritual, emotional, and relational growth. Contact her at jbarrow@fpcbonita.org or by calling the Center at 239-221-8250, ext 225.

    Alfred R. Barrow, Ph.D.
    Director of Spiritual Life
    Dr. Al Barrow is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors, is a certified Marriage Coach, and has 38 years of professional counseling experience. He provides counseling for a variety of problems and difficulties in both individuals and couples and, along with his wife June, teaches and presents on topics related to marriage, family, and spiritual and emotional growth. Contact him at abarrow@fpcbonita.org or by calling the Center at 239-221-8250, ext 222.

    Those We Serve

    We serve individuals and families in both the First Church congregation and the greater community. You need not be a church member to use our services. Additionally, we are a resource for leaders in the community and the ministries and organizations they oversee.

    How We Serve

    Appointments for counseling or spiritual direction range from one to two hours. To schedule, call the Center at 239-221-8250. If the receptionist is unavailable, you may leave a voice mail or send an email. All communications are private and confidential.

    Since the Spiritual Development Center is an outreach ministry of First Presbyterian Church, we do not charge for services. You may support this outreach through your donation to First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs. Your support is encouraged and valued.

    Additional Services

    Al and June Barrow are experienced and compassionate presenters on marriage and family, and on a variety of topics related to spiritual and emotional growth:
    • Managing Difficult Emotions
    • Preparation for Marriage
    • Bonding for Blended Families
    • The Journey of Forgiveness
    • Praying through Joy; Praying through Sorrow
    • Care for Caregivers
    • Understanding Boundaries
    • Communicating Clearly and Graciously
    • Inner Healing Prayer