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  • BookCenter

    The FPC BookCenter, a combination book store and lending library, opened in February 2009. Easily accessible from the Narthex, the BookCenter offers a selection of excellent books for purchase in a variety of genres.

    BookCenter hours:
    Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and Sundays after worship.

    Featured Books

    A Place Called Heaven
    Dr. Robert Jeffress
    Learn ten surprising truths about heaven, answers to some most frequently asked questions, as well as practical ways you can begin preparing now for the spectacular destination God has for you.

    Beloved Hope
    Tracie Peterson
    Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at Whitman Mission. Now safe but still healing, she is asked to testify at the trial of those responsible. An army lieutenant brings a ray of light into her life, but can she trust him with the truth?

    Made for a Miracle
    Mike Slaughter
    This popular author and pastor examines two components of every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. For a real miracle to take place, we must act with God, using whatever gifts, talents and abilities we have and directing them toward His work.

    The Road Home
    Chuck & Debbie Wilson
    This amazing memoir of faith and family was written by two former First Church members, a loving couple who spent 28 years fighting the battle against cancer. Debbie, an FPC deacon and founder of our Prayer Shawl Ministry, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. From then until her death in 2014, she struggled with many types of cancer—including one of the rarest forms in the world. Their gripping, heartbreaking, inspiring, and sometimes humorous journey tells the true story of how hardships can strengthen—not destroy—a family.

    To Wager Her Heart
    Tamera Alexander
    This stirring love story is set against the real history of Nashville’s Belle Meade Plantation and the original Fisk University Jubilee Singers. Its theme is about seeking justice and the restoration of honor at a time in American history when both were tenuous and hard-won.

    Jeremiah J. Johnston
    In a day when Christians are often attacked for their beliefs, this provocative book looks at the positive influence of Christianity, both historically and in today’s context. Read about how Jesus’ teachings dramatically changed the world and continue to be the most powerful force for good today.

    You Are Beautiful
    Ashley Reitz
    Many young women in today’s world never feel good enough, thin enough or pretty enough to reach beyond their insecurities. International model Ashley Reitz shows them how to find true confidence as they discover their identity in Christ.