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  • Update Me!

    We want to be able to contact YOU with all the news from First Church.

    • Have you had a recent change of address or phone number?
    • Are you back in the area for the winter season and want us to activate your local address? [or, are you heading up north and want to give us that address?]
    • Would you like to receive our church newsletter? Concert Series brochure? Bonita Christian Forum mailing?
    • Are we unaware of your email address, or has it changed?
    • Is there a new addition to your family?
    • Would you like to share emergency contact information with us?
    • Have you recently changed jobs?
    • Is your name misspelled on your mailing label?
    • Did we miss your birthday or anniversary?


    If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then we encourage you to send an email to Update Me. Just tell us what's changed, and we’ll make sure the information we have on you and your family is the most current. If you prefer, you may call the church office (239-992-3233) with this information. Don’t miss out on any of the news from your church family.

    Contact us so we can contact you!