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    We believe this is the basic message of the Christian faith, and expresses who we are as followers of Jesus Christ:

    We and everything else that exists were created by a great God, who is without limits in His power, wisdom, holiness and love. This God, for His own good pleasure, has chosen to seek a relationship with human beings. He offers to be our Father if we will be His trusting and obedient children. God granted to each person a soul and a will, allowing us to choose to obey or disobey Him. Each person, beginning with our common ancestors, has freely chosen to sin.

    God has made Himself known to humans throughout our history. His fingerprints are seen in the natural universe. He has revealed Himself through the spoken and written Word of God, the Bible — which is the only fully reliable and trustworthy guide for what we are to believe and how we are to live. Supremely, God revealed Himself by actually becoming a human, in the wonderful miracle we celebrate each Christmas, called the Incarnation.

    Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity who became also fully human, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, demonstrated holiness to perfection, proclaimed the full truth of God, and then willingly allowed Himself to be executed on a cross by sinful men (the righteous dying in the place of guilty sinners), and physically rose from the dead by divine power on Easter morning.

    All men and women are given the invitation to come to Christ, humbly receiving His mercy and forgiveness, and so may be made right with God their Father. This act of faith can be taken at any time and place — and once done from a sincere heart, a person is eternally saved and a child of God.

    The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, comes to each believer and fills him or her, giving strength to obey God’s Word, resist temptation, and serve Christ and others in His love and power. The Spirit unites believers together, and draws them to one another for mutual fellowship and worship in a church. The Spirit also sends us out in love and compassion for a lost world, to offer the life-changing Gospel of Christ to all and to demonstrate His love by acts of practical ministry and service. Scripture reveals that the earthly life we experience in our bodies is just a prelude to an eternity with God, through faith in Christ alone.